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What do I need to bring in to complete my taxes?

Whether you meet with your preparer for an interview or use your drop-off or electronic send service, original documents are needed to complete your taxes. Your documents will be scanned to your return and returned with a copy of your return when it is complete.

Because each person's tax return looks different, it is best to consult your prior year's originals to confirm what documents you need. If you did your taxes with us last year, we have a copy of your return and do not need you to bring one.

If you are a first-time client, you will need to bring in a copy of last year's return. We want to get to know you and your situation. If we could review your prior year, it will help us serve you better. 

To find a more extensive list of possible documents, please see below.

Note: Documents such as W2s are usually sent by the end of January but interest forms and other financial documents may come as late as March.  

Personal Information

  • Photo ID (e.g., driver's license or passport)

  • Social Security cards for you, your spouse, and dependents

  • Bank account and routing numbers for direct deposit of refunds

Income Documents

  • W-2 forms from all employers

  • 1099R for retirement income. You will also get this form if you took a distribution before retirement or if you rolled over money from one account to another.

  • Social Security - Form SSA-1099 

  • Investment Income: Bank statements for year-to-date interest and dividends Form 1099 INT and 1099 DIV.

  • Documentation for other income (e.g., alimony)

Investment Information

  • Stock sales - Form 1099-B

  • Contributions to and distributions from IRAs or Roth IRAs - Form 5498

  • Contributions to Health Savings Accounts  - Form 5498-SA 

  • Distribution form for Health Savings Accounts - Form 1099 SA

  • Edvest Contribution forms

Tax Deduction Documents

  • Mortgage interest statements - Form 1098

  • Property tax statements

  • Total amount paid in rent if you are a renter

  • Homestead filers: To file Homestead Credit we will need a Rent Certificate (for renters) or a copy of your current filing year tax bill (for homeowners). See our Homestead Credit Blog for more information. 

  • Receipts for charitable donations (Note: Total these amounts before your appointment. We do not add receipts for you.) 

  • Medical and dental expense receipts (Note: Total these amounts before your appointment. We do not add receipts for you.) 

  • Student loan interest for yourself or your spouse Form 1098-E 

  • insurance - If you had health insurance purchased through the Marketplace at any point during the year, you must provide Form 1095 A

Tax Credit Information

  • Childcare expenses (provider's name, address, and tax ID)

  • Educational credit information (Form 1098 T, Form 1099 Q, and receipts for related expenses)

  • Adoption expense information

Self-employed Business Information (for example, Uber driver, etc.) or Rental Property Information (if applicable)

Please note: This checklist may not cover all documents relevant to your tax situation. If you have any unique circumstances or additional sources of income, please bring documentation related to those as well.

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