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I did not receive all of my refund. What do I do now?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Rarely does the IRS change the refund for a taxpayer but it is usually for the following reason:

Tax offset - such as student loans, garnishments, etc.

Inaccurate Estimate - For taxpayers who pay estimated tax payments quarterly, if the amount the IRS has on file that you paid during the tax year is different than they have on file, it will cause your refund to be different than expected.

If you do not receive all of your refund, please call and talk to our staff or your preparer to confirm your details. Then you can visit the IRS's Where is My Refund page or State of Wisconsin Refund Search site directly for more information. Letters are typically sent with more details about the changes made to the refund but may come up to several weeks after you receive your refund.

Note: Please note that we can help guide you to find the answers but we cannot call or contact the IRS on your behalf for a Tax Offset. Please visit the IRS or state websites first and then you can call them for more information.

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