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What do I need to bring in to complete my taxes?

Whether you meet with your preparer for interview or use your drop off or electronic send service, we would you bring or scan your originals documents. We will return them to you as soon as your return is prepared. To find a list of documents, please see our What To Bring form. What to Bring Note: For early filers, documents such as W2s are usually sent by the end of January but interest forms, and other financial documents may come as late as March. Consult your prior year originals to confirm what documents you need. Call our office if we can help.

I don't remember who did my taxes last year.

That's ok. When you call for your appointment or drop off your documents, our friendly staff will look up your file. Be sure to check out our What To Bring checklist so that there are no delays in the preparation of your return.

My spouse and I are separated. Who claims the kids?

Tax credits for children (dependents) are unique to each taxpayer's situation. Please discuss your options with your tax preparer.

Where's my refund?

According to the Internal Reveue Service, refunds will be issued approximately 3 weeks from the date of E-File. Once the return is e-filed, we have not control over the timing of your Federal or State refund but you can visit the Internal Revenue Refund links on their site to get basic information on your return. www. state refund Note: For clients who are filing using forms Earned Income Credit (EIC), Child Tax Credit, or Other Tax Credit, your return will not be processed until ______________________ per the IRS website. For more information on this specific delay click here to visit the IRS ____ on this prccessing delay.

I did not receive all of my refund. What do I do now?

Rarely does the IRS change the refund for a taxpayer but it is usually for the following reason: Tax offset - such as student loans, garnishments, etc. Inaccurate Estimate - for taxpayer who pay estimated tax payments quarterly, if the amount the IRS has on file that you paid in during the tax year is different than they have on file, it will cause your refund to be different. If you do not receive all of your refund, please call and talk to our staff or your preparer to confirm your details. Then you can visit the IRS or State of Wisconsin site directly for more information. Note: Please note that we can help guide you to find the answers but we cannot call or contact on the IRS on your behalf for a Tax offset. Please visit the IRS or State websites first and then you can call them for more information.

What do I put down for my withholding on my paycheck?

This is a question we get most often and the answer is very specific to each individual taxpayer. The IRS has issued specific assistance with this question. We cannot advise you other than to recommend a conservative approach since there are so many moving parts wtih respect to second jobs, spouse income and their withholding, number of children, age of the children, etc. The IRS is recognizing the need for assistance with this calculation and has created the Withholding Calculator app. Please follow the instructions in this app to more accurately determine your withholding needs.

How much does your service cost?

At Convenient Tax Service, we're proud of our prices. Our price list includes base amounts based on whether you drop off or send us your documents or if you would like an in person appointment. Since each return is different, we are happy to give price ranges on our basic form combinations but our fees are determined by the forms that are needed to complete your return and calculate your deductions. Our base fees are here.

I need to learn more about being self-employed. Where can I find resources?

The Internal Revenue Service and the Small Business Administration both have excellent resources for small business owners and sub-contractors. Internal Revenue Service Small Business and Self-Employed Center

Does Convenient Tax Service provide accounting or bookkeeping services?

We are often asked for small business assistance and we appreciate your confidence in us! Although we prepare annual returns, we do not offer ongoing accounting or bookkeeping services or education, which is what most small business need. Here are two firms we recommend for your consideration: DWT TAX AND ACCOUNTING Milwaukee Location
3216 S 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53227 (414) 321-9413 Glendale Location
350 W Green Tree Rd
Glendale, WI 53217 JENDRACH, DOBOGAI, LINDSETH INC. 4811 S. 76th st. Ste. 415, Greenfield, WI 53220 (414)321-8454

Why do I need to call to set up a Client Portal?

Your security is important to us. In order to have access to your prior year returns or to securely submit your information to us, we will need to speak with you to verify your identity. We will give you a user name and set up a pin for you to use to access your files.


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